Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekend Happenings, Mother/Older Daughter Dates, Blog Linkage

Good Friday morning!

Wow! What a week. I would like to report all of my piddling decorating is complete, but, alas... it is not.

Heavy, heavy sigh.

RANDOMNESS #1 - Roxie and Company played a team last night (which has quickly become our biggest rival of this basketball season).

From that one sentence, you can assume we lost.

However, there will be payback later in the season, and hopefully, I'll have a different outcome to share in a month or so.

Until then, here are some pics of this week's games. (We won the first two.)

I'll start off with a couple of ponytail "swishing" pics.

I love this one because it looks like Roxie's head is really a basketball. (It takes so little to make me smile.)

"Excuse me. I believe that is MY ball."

This is Roxie's favorite pic so far. The Prayer Huddle.

A little warm-up...

A little chit-chat with her friend, Taylor...

A little cheering with Taylor on the sidelines when the first point was scored...

And then we get some playing time!

I think we'll get them next time!

RANDOMNESS #2 - My Christmas Card order has not arrived on my doorstep (as of yesterday). Most people would not be concerned about four days without a Christmas Card delivery, but I automatically assume I pressed the wrong button on the computer, and not only were my Christmas Cards not ordered AT ALL, but they were completely and utterly destroyed.

Can you tell my cup is half empty today? Can you?

I'll be calling the big-wigs at Shutterfly as soon as I finish this post (because that is what people like myself do in "these" situations). I totally skip the middle-man and find the President of the company's wife. And she totally helps me, because she understands my pain, you see.

I am not kidding.

RANDOMNESS #3 - If you have known me two minutes, you know I do not like to complain. (NOT!) The things I am about to divulge are not complaints.

They are cold, hard, cruel facts.

My "outside" lit reindeer that I've always used INSIDE my house has a broken neck. If you recall, over the years I have enjoyed putting my "outside" lit reindeer in different locales during the Christmas season.

One day, he might be at the end of the hall standing in Austin's doorway.

One day, he might be hiding in Roxie's shower behind the shower curtain.

One day, he might be standing at the top of the basement stairs waiting for an unsuspecting Faulkner Child to open the door to retrieve something I, The Mother Unit, desperately need.

I loved my "outside/inside" lit reindeer.

That's right. I said "loved." Past tense.

Last year his head fell off. You heard correctly. I went upstairs to check on him and his head was hanging to the side of his body... held up by a few dangling strings of lights.

I was devastated.

No one would take responsibility for the beheading, so I am assuming at least three of The Faulkner Five had something to do with it.

Also, all of the lights in my inflatable "JOY" are out. And the plastic base is broken beyond repair from years and years of Alabama wind, rain and even a little ice here and there knocking my "JOY" all over the place.

It is time to let the "JOY" go.

And my my ten-foot inflatable Penguin, you may ask?

The reason my-ten foot inflatable Penguin worked so well was because it had the full support of the "JOY." Without the "JOY," my ten-foot inflatable Penguin tends to lie down... a lot.

Don't tell Mikie, but Saturday will be spent buying a HERD of lit "outside/inside" reindeer AND a new inflatable large enough to support my ten-foot inflatable Penguin.

I know that wasn't in the Christmas budget, but what's a piddling decorator to do?

You can see in this picture taken the FIRST of December last year, the "J" is the only letter which is totally dark. By December 31, 2011, the "OY" bit the dust, too.

Sad, but true.

Blog Linkage

1. Go to The Dating Divas under My Blog List and read today's post entitled "Inspiration From the Divas: Holiday Traditions." Good ideas.

2. Go to Six Sisters' Stuff under My Blog List and read today's post entitled "99 Fun Christmas Gifts for Neighbors." I bet you get a new idea... or two!

3. Go to and read today's post entitled "Winter Terrarium." It's a cute craft idea and it can stay on the dining room table through February in most parts of the world!

Mother/Older Daughter Dates

I found these dates on Pinterest from a website called I am ALWAYS open for new date ideas for the kids... no matter what their ages.

1. Play Hooky. Yes, school is important. We all know that. But sometimes, you need to make a memory, and your teenage daughter will ALWAYS remember the day the two of you played hooky together.

2. Scrapbooking. This is definitely a hobby that requires a certain amount of patience and commitment, but if you and your daughter are craft-minded, it’s a great way to share quality time. It’s something you can start at a very young age and develop into adulthood.

(Roxie and I tried this, but she isn't "into" scrapbooking right now. Maybe when she's a little older!)

3. Book Club. This Club's total membership is TWO! Share the exciting journey of reading together. My Mom and I have been doing this ever since I was in junior high. We still swap books and never tire of discussing what we’re reading.

4. Bike Ride/Rollerblade/Hike. It’s never a bad idea to go on a bike ride. It’s never a bad idea to go on a hike. Sometimes it’s a bad idea to rollerblade, but it’s still fun.

5. Spa Day. It doesn’t have to be a whole day to count as a “spa day.” It can be manis/pedis, a facial or a massage. In a perfect world, it’s a combination of all three topped with an eyebrow and mustache wax.

6. A Cruise. I met the coolest lady at my Bible Study the other day. She told me she had six daughters. Yes, SIX! When the “youngest” turned 50, she took them all on a cruise to celebrate their fabulous 50s.

(I'm assuming I'll be SO fun to be with when I'm 85, Roxie will jump ALL OVER THIS ONE.)

7. A Half Marathon/Triathlon/Iron Woman. My Mom and sister did a half-marathon together last year. I watched from the sidelines and cheered. I wanna do it next time for sure!

(Roxie is up for adoption for this date.)

8. Pinterest Party. By now, most of us have about 2,000 ideas pinned on Pinterest. Take on a project together by putting some of your pins to practice! Find a few yummy recipes and a project you can start together. After you gather all your supplies, settle in for a night of replicating some fabulous ideas.

9. Take a Class Together. Cooking, sewing, underwater basket-weaving... the possibilities are endless! Learn something new together.

10. Volunteer Together. Spend time together AND save the world. Volunteer at a hospital, nursing home or soup kitchen.

11. Go to a Concert. Music is a great way to draw people together. Whether you want to hear Taylor Swift live or go to the opera, listening to live music is a wonderful way to bond. Plus, you get to wear cute clothes to a concert, so that’s a big plus.

12. Go to a Conference Together. When I went to Bloggy Boot Camp, there was a mom there with her two adult daughters. Each woman had her own blog, but they came together as a family. Find a conference that will fit and benefit both of you, whether it’s for blogging, photography, spiritual growth or life skills.

13. Go Thrifting or Flea Market Hopping. Most of us are bargain hunters at heart, and we ALL like buried treasure. Go on the ultimate treasure hunt by hitting up some garage sales and flea markets. You never know what you’ll find.

The Enchanting Belinda Says - I will go ahead and tell you I like most of these dates... but not all.

As always make them YOUR OWN!

Weekend Happenings

Friday - Okay. Last weekend was a total Christmas BUST, but today at 4:00 p.m., The Faulkner Five and The Lovely Melia are going to the Christmas Tree Farm and we're picking out a tree.

Yes. We are.

After we pick out the tree, pet the reindeer and drink hot chocolate, we're going to my sister's house for our annual Christmas Movie Night. This year, Roxie's name was picked from the Christmas Movie Night Bowl and her movie choice for this season was Home Alone 2.

It will happen. It will happen. It will happen.

Everyone! Say it with me!

Saturday - Because I KNOW Friday night is going to be SUCH A HUGE SUCCESS, I have agreed to jump out of bed and go on a breakfast date with Mikie Saturday morning.

Sunday - I had hoped the Christmas Home Tours in our little town would become a Mother/Daughter Tradition, but after four years, Roxie told me she didn't really want to go this year. And that's okay. It really is. (This might be something she wants to do in her 20s or 30s. I'm willing to wait and see!)

However, I'm not willing to NOT go and enjoy the Tour myself. I like it. I like it a lot.

So Sunday, I'm going to go on the Christmas Home Tour and then head to Christmas in the Pines (a huge Christmas Open House Party at my husband's place of work).

A busy day, but very, very Christmas-like... which is how I like it!

Have a grand and glorious weekend. I know I'm going to try. Really, really hard.

I'll be back Monday morning with pics, Christmas Ideas, Randomness and a little more.

Take care, and I'll talk to you in a couple of days.


The Enchanting Belinda

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