Monday, September 17, 2012

Mindless Monday, Top Five Things...

Good Monday morning!

DON'T FORGET! DON'T FORGET! DON'T FORGET! - A Simple Life is a Monday and Friday ONLY blog now. I'll have a new post Monday, September 17!

RANDOMNESS #1 - I have a few Auburn pics for your viewing pleasure. I'll let them tell the tale.

This is truly a "sea of orange." It's lovely, isn't it?

The Boy hasn't been to an Auburn game in FOUR years, so he was beyond thrilled to attend Saturday's game. Melia had never been to an Auburn game OR an SEC game. I doubt she was as "thrilled" as The Boy, but she was a good sport and seemed to have a pretty good time down on The Plains.

This photobombing "craze" has got to stop. It is getting on my last nerve.

Josh isn't THAT much taller than Austin. He's standing on the bleachers. (I didn't want you to think he had gone from 6'4" to 6'9" in the last couple of weeks.)

He thinks we won... he thinks we won.

He's right! We did win!

When Auburn finally pulled out a win in overtime, it felt SO good to sit back and savor the moment. (I'm all about the savoring. Austin gets that from me.)

If we had lost, one of these faces wouldn't have been smiling. Three guesses!

Toomer's Corner is just an extremely sad sight now, isn't it?

All in all, it was a very good day. Melia said she would go again if asked... and she most definitely will be asked. And my guys were happy, happy campers.

And that makes me happy, so all in all, it was a very good Saturday!

RANDOMNESS #2 - The Chick is doing the volleyball thing again this week. We're playing Huffman tonight, Clay/Chalkville Thursday AND we're in a tournament at Hewitt Saturday.

Expect many, many, many volleyball pics Friday and next Monday.

This will be your only warning.

RANDOMNESS #3 - On another topic, Roxie will be having her family birthday party this Sunday. That's right. Sweet 16!

And it will be nice to have a few birthday pictures in the mix. (I'll make sure she doesn't wear gray OR maroon to her birthday party.)

RANDOMNESS #4 - Did you remember we had a big announcement at our church this past Sunday? Did you?

We're going to start Phase 2 of our building plan. We've been in our new sanctuary for two years now, and beginning this month, we're going to start building the children's education building.

This time next year, it will be finished.

It is very exciting news.

I like new construction when it is several miles away from my home.

RANDOMNESS #5 - I'm a little late unveiling The Faulkner Five Fall Bucket List. Forgive me, please.

The following list is on my refrigerator and it is for the months September, October and November.

Remember, our family will not complete this list. It is just a go-by so things don't get so busy we forget the really important stuff... like spending time together.

Fishing (5)
Hiking (5)
Candlelight Dining on Deck (10) XX
Fun Fall Drives (5)
College Football Games (3) X
Try New Restaurants (3) X
Cookouts in the Backyard (2)
Date Mikie (10) XX
Date Roxie (3)
Date Austin (3)
Date Joshua (3)
Faulkner Family Game Night (3)
Faulkner Family Movie Night (3) X
Go to Dollar Movie (1)
Go to Drive-In (1)
Go to Theater Movie (2)
Family Basketball Game (2)
Hayride and Bonfire with Melia's Family
Camping Weekend
Roxie's Birthday Party
Josh's Birthday Party
October 31 Harvest Meal With Martin Family
Thanksgiving with Mike's Family
Thanksgiving with Belinda's Family
Black Friday Get-Away with Cousins
Christmas Tree Farm
Mike and Josh's SEC Stadium Trip
Six Flags with Amy and Monica

I may add a few more things, but as of today, this is it. I know it is September 17 and we haven't done much, but I'm getting inspired by the cooler breezes that come in the evening. We'll probably have at least 20 things marked off the list by this time next week. (Yeah, right!)


1. Sit on the living room couch and watch a Louie Giglio computer clip together. Entertaining AND thought-provoking!

2. Play one quick game of Uno... or Catch Phrase... or Spoons.

3. Find a 30-minute sitcom series on Netflix and watch one each night of the week. (Without commercials, they only last 20 minutes!)

4. Work around EVERYONE'S schedule and have dinner on the deck together. Even if you just have scrambled eggs and bacon OR hot dogs, it's not necessarily the food that counts. It is the time.

5. Even if everyone in the family has a different schedule for the evening (volleyball game, yard cutting, homework, work deadlines), ask everyone to be home at 9:00 p.m. Get in The Big Gold Van (or your family's equivalent to The Big Gold Van), drive to Sonic and order milkshakes or slushies. It's fun, filling and much needed.

I'll add five more items to Friday's post!

Have a lovely Monday. I'll be back FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 with so much good stuff, you'll want to visit twice!

Also, I have something very important to discuss with you Friday, so please make an effort to visit sometime during the busy weekend!

Take care, and I'll talk to you Friday morning.


The Enchanting Belinda

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