Monday, January 9, 2017

Pics of Judith, THE NEW GRANDBABY AND Tucker, Pinterest Stuff (PEZ Object Lesson AND Ten Habits of a Happy Marriage)

Good Monday afternoon!

This has been a busy Christmas break, and I have a lot of pics to share...


Here we go!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Last Monday, my daughter-in-law gave birth to a very handsome, very sweet, very loveable little man.

We have decided he's a keeper!

NOTE - As with Judith, his pic will be on every post from now on...

But I bet you already knew that, didn't you?

RANDOMNESS #2 - Judith celebrated her second birthday this past weekend with a Rubber Ducky Party.

Loved the theme.

Love the person we were celebrating.

Love cake.

All in all, a very good party!

Mommy and Daddy.

She is a much neater cake eater than last year!

See what I mean?

This picture makes me think of a teenage Judith...

As does this one.

I love them...

But I am a little scared of them at the same time.


The absolute best way to open presents...

Sitting on a big pink table with everything surrounding you!

Just wait until my 56th birthday gala!

Just wait!

I am beginning my search for just the right "substantial" birthday table!

She's too little to be two.

Such a big number.

Heavy, heavy sigh.

RANDOMNESS #3 - Tucker Meets Cousin Scout - Roxie adopted Tucker a year ago, and...

What can I say?

He's a joy!

Nowadays, I think the correct term for Tucker is Granddog.

He is Roxie's official dog, so that makes him my official Granddog.

Well, a month or so ago, Austin and Melia also obtained a dog. His name is Scout, and he is a beautiful, sweet dog, too.

He is Austin and Melia's dog, so that makes him my Granddog, also.

Because of moving, having a baby, super busy schedules, etc., etc., we didn't get to meet Scout until the week after Christmas...

And that is to say, Tucker didn't get to meet his new cousin, Scout, until the week after Christmas.

I had thought the two pups could share a water bowl, but Scout has a very clever way of making sure no one bothers his water.

After he drinks his fill, he immediately puts two paws into the bowl.

Two big ol' dirty paws.

Which reminds me of what my sister, Bev, used to do when I asked her to get me a cookie.

Being four years younger than me, she was eager to please...

But being "Bev," she never brought me a cookie that wasn't totally and disgustingly wet (having licked on it from the kitchen to the delivery point... ME).

Anyway, I understood the "paw thing" because I lived through the "cookie thing."

This picture pretty much sums up the rest of their visit.

They ran until they could run no more.

And then they slept.

Very much like grandbabies.

Pinterest Stuff

PEZ Object Lesson (Ephesians 4:29-32)

1. Holding a PEZ dispenser, ask the children if they know what it is and what it dispenses.

2. Ask if they would buy one if it dispensed broccoli, liver, etc.

3. Ask them if they think we could be like PEZ dispensers... always dispensing sweet things out of our mouths? We can, with kind words! If we dispense kind words, then people will want to be around us.

4. Challenge them to make sweet things (words) come out of their mouths this week.

NOTE - This has the three things that make a really good Object Lesson for young kids...

Simple, time appropriate and memorable.


And it has candy!

The Ten Habits of a Happy Marriage

NOTE - I love Pinterest lists, and this particular one is doable AND important!

1. Smile warmly first thing in the morning. I have determined to greet him with the warmest, most loving smile I can muster. Boy! Does this set a wonderful tone for the day.

2. Do more kissing than complaining.

3. Take timing into consideration. I’m learning to hold back until I can communicate what I have to say in a calm manner and when he’s in a better place to hear me out. It’s so worth waiting for the right moment.

4. Make your bedroom a beautiful place. I like turning our room into a lovely oasis for us both. I want to make sure it’s a clean, warm, and inviting place... somewhere that he knows he can find order and peace.

5. Pick and choose the issues you care about. Decide not to jump on every possible offense. For instance, I care far less about who takes out the trash than I do about the way he talks to me.

6. Purpose to connect with him each day. We like to have coffee together every morning. And I like to send along a short love note, give him a quick call in the middle of the day, or simply snuggle into him at the end of the evening.

7. Pay attention to the details. The way he likes his coffee. When he feels like talking... and when he doesn’t. When he needs an item that I could pick up for him while in town. Those tiny details that express love to him.

8. Bless him with a kind word. Pass on a word of encouragement or appreciation. Make it your daily habit to say something nice to him. It’s amazing how that small kindness builds up to something big over time.

9. Reach out and touch him before you go to sleep at night.

10. Tell him, “I love you.” Every day. Who doesn’t need to be reminded that he is loved?

I hope you all have a great week. I'll be back soon with more grandbaby pics, a snow story or two and much, much more.


The Enchanting Belinda

P.S. - Just a random pic of Josh and Roxie after Judith's birthday celebration. I liked it!

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