Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up, Blog Linkage, Wedding News, Way Back When...

Good Tuesday evening!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Melia's Bridesmaid Party Saturday night would be considered a success by anyone's standards

One of the reasons I loved it was because the two bridesmaids who live out of town (Massachusetts and Tennessee) were able to be there using an I-Phone and a computer.

Technology is truly a wonderful thing.

Especially if you are not the one who has to figure out how to make it work!

Melia loved her tiara and veil.

A lot!

Morgan and Melia.

The lovely bridesmaids.

The lovely gifts.

Melia unwrapping a gift in front of Sara (the bridesmaid on the computer from Massachusetts) and Cassie (the bridesmaid on the I-phone from Tennessee).

Very, very cool.

RANDOMNESS #2 - Austin's Bachelor Party on Sunday night turned out to be just the thing the groom ordered. Shooting friends and family members with orange paintballs is like the most fun EVER.

And then throw in a dinner at Mugshots afterwards...

Well, a more wholesome Bachelor Party has never been had, I am certain.

Semi-Funny/Semi-Sad Story - I wanted to meet the guys at Mugshots AFTER paintball to take a few pictures.

BUT Mikie said that was totally unacceptable.

So I didn't go.

Heavy, heavy sigh.

When Mike, Austin and Josh came home, the first thing I asked was, "Did you get any good pictures?"

"I took one and Kerry took two really good ones," he replied.

Okay. Three pictures is not my idea of an ideal number of pics to have from a once-in-a-lifetime event like a Bachelor Party, but it was definitely more than I had expected.

Mike sent all three pictures to my computer.

All three pictures were exactly the same.

At first I was sad...

But now I am just thankful.

I must be growing as a human being.

RANDOMNESS #3 - Wedding News - Okay. Here are the details for the upcoming nuptials in a nutshell.

1. Tomorrow, Lisa (Melia's Mom) and I are going to pick up Melia's wedding dress.

Talk about precious cargo.

I am also going to pick up a few little items for the Rehearsal Dinner tomorrow afternoon... and that will be done.

I am going to try on my dress again... just to be sure I haven't gained 12 pounds since last Thursday.

2. Thursday, Roxie and I are getting mani-pedis.

I will also be helping Austin with any last minute errands he may have.

And that is all I'm going to talk about right now, because the rest of the weekend will be covered under Weekend Happenings in Friday's post.

It looks like such a tiny list, doesn't it?

I know I've left out something HUGE, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what it could be.

And that's making me extremely nervous.

Blog Linkage - Go to and read today's post about her trip to North Carolina with her three kiddos. Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Way Back When...

I feel the need for a little Becky Freeman today. I'll share some of her thoughts in "Germs of Endearment" from Humor for a Woman's Heart 2.

Who in their right mind would willingly hold out their hand to accept donations of a half-chewed Tootsie Roll, a freshly blown tissue, or a wriggling worm?

Who rushes to comfort a child with a virus, knowing full well that as soon as she reaches that child, her robe will be wearing the remains of last night's predigested pizza?

Whose saliva can slick back the wildest curl, clean the toughest jelly stains from a five year-old's cheek, and promptly cure infectious lesions?

Who can talk on the phone, fold a diaper with one hand, scold a child with one raised eyebrow, and elbow the front door closed while performing two sets of leg lifts?

Who runs in a panic when her toddler squeals "See what I've done!" and breathes an enormous sigh of relief when she discovers the excitement is over a properly pooped-in potty.

Who calms all fears, cleans dirty ears, and though she grows weary, also grows more dear through the years?

Who exchanged the Days of Wine and Roses for Nights of Whines and Runny Noses?

No one else, of course, but mothers.

Now that's a resume'! I just love Becky Freeman. Sometimes she really makes me think about what my life used to be as opposed to what it has become.

Forget about the degree in Early Childhood Education, ten years as a legal secretary and three years teaching music to preschoolers. Forget about eating lunch with adults every day, and wearing suits, matching shoes, accessories and full make-up. Forget about always being well-coiffed, well-manicured and well... just smelling nice!

Forget about birthday parties (for ME) in the conference room, flowers on Secretary's Day and bonus checks. Forget about a car whose backseat isn't full of car seats or backpacks or clothes or groceries. Forget about being able to carry on a grown-up conversation with actual grown-ups and understanding what they are saying.

Forget about all of that... because whether those things are a part of your past or mixed in with your present, I bet most of the moms would agree we wouldn't trade the "messy" stuff for all the fringe benefits the world has to offer.

Am I right?

No. Really? Am I right?

Have a fantastic Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I'll be back Friday morning with the last post pre-wedding. I know. I can't wrap my head around it either!

Take care, and I'll talk to you Friday.


The Enchanting Belinda


  1. EB so happy and excited for you and everyone involved. Weddings are crazy but fun. Be happy you are 'involved'...when my son was married I wasn't allowed or even asked to participate in any part of it. Nada. And it was before the days of Instagram, facebook, etc... so there was no 'sneaking' photos of any of the hub-bub. Some day I'll get past it... Have a fun week and weekend! Looking forward to all the pics and little details.

  2. Belinda, make sure camera has fresh or charged batteries and that the camera card is empty and ready for pictures-- and um, put gas in the cars., and um, have Roxie and Hunter tie empty cans to groom's car for their departure. Okay I think that's maybe the biggie you were forgettin'? Maybe? Anyhow, don't worry about postin' Friday. Just enjoy yourself this week and all of us can get details next week, when you're up to it. Have a wonderful, beautiful, happy week! Andrea


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